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Organic Hydrophobic Frame Treatment

Bicycle technology on all varieties of bikes have come a long way in the last decade, but one area that has often fallen behind is the finish placed on the frame. 

This got us thinking at Precision Cycles and the result is a Organic Hydrophobic frame treatment

that is normally used on Performance sport cars. It repels water and dirt with ease, and dramatically reduces cleaning times. The videos speak for themselves! 


The bike needs to be stripped down for application of the coating, and is rebuilt looking as good as new!


  • Bike fully stripped down

  • Frame treatment - Hydrophobic Coating

  • Full rebuild with new cabling (see service page for full gold service detail)

Currently Testing:

  • Treatment on Drive chain 

  • Treatment on Wheelsets


.........Watch this space!!

Winter ROad bike testing
Winter ROad bike testing
Mountain Bike testing
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